About Architectural Design Lab

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LAB, is a young multi-disciplinary practice offering consultancy services in areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Construction. Our clients include developers, corporations, private businesses and individuals.

At ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LAB we do Architecture, Interior Design and Construction to create a true interdisciplinary team approach, increasing the overall quality of the end product. Our services can be provided independently or in combination to meet our Client's requirements or expectations and policy. As a multi-disciplinary practice, we adapt to managing professionals from diverse disciplines and design our services to each client's needs and competence. We have the Capacity, Experience and Expertise to work on large projects, and respond with equal eagerness to small and medium-scale assignments.

Our field of experience in our operations has included assembling proposals, Active participation in the production and completion of projects and hence gathered extensive experience in:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Blocks
  • Office Space Planning
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Buildings
  • Hotels, Resorts/Lodges
  • Industrial Buildings

Company Philosophy

Taking Pride In Our Achievements:
We foster relationships by seeking clients who are leaders and help us grow. Our purpose is to serve clients and develop talents. We are service and people oriented, approachable, and enthusiastic about all projects we undertake and our objective is excellence. We believe in listening and provide talented and skilled leadership to our project teams. We do outstanding work because we take pride in our achievements.

We Make Life Art of Design:
We believe that great architecture and design goes beyond adhering to business objectives to enhance people lives. Our work is physical and intellectual but above all, it is emotional. Where others see the opportunity to create physical solutions, we see the opportunity and the ability to create emotional connections between people and the changing environment. As such, we strive to create physical expressions that welcome Travelers entertain shoppers or educate learners. We enhance life by design.


Our Objectives Have Always Been On The Grounds That:
The development of concepts should lead to integrated approach that will address environmental, human economic and social needs as well as ensure equitable business opportunity, maximum employment creation, adherence to budget and adherence to program. Provision of opportunity in the form of in-service training to new professionals in order to teach sustainability in practice empowerment in the interest of all not one.